I naturally developed a very strong hip girdle and have no lack in explosive
power (well-developed "fast twitch fibres") in the muscle groups that result
in hip acceleration and club head speed during my swing. There are
certain segments in my pelvis, lower back, neck and shoulder girdle, however,
that lack the muscle strength to control the movement and don’t protect my
joint structures during my swing (called dynamic stability).
Together with the fact that I'm naturally very flexible, it's no wonder I had a
couple too many "niggles" in my golfing career this far! Well, now that I've seen
 the light, I'm excited to put the extra effort in, although it's a big change for me and not easy to fit it all in on tour.
Having my physio close by to gradually sort out all the old niggles,
prevent new ones, and at the same time give me better control of
what I want to do with my swing is certainly a win-win situation!
Physio - Marnus Marais
Personal Trainer - Kevin Duffy

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